Everything you need to know!

Where are Smashes Lashes created?


All our lashes are handmade in Indonesia with sterilized  100% premium human hair.  Just like hair extensions and temporary hairpieces, typically Indian Remy hair is used in the production of our lashes.  It's ok.. no humans were hurt in the production of Smashes Lashes. Promise!

Use a disposable mascara wand to clean your lashes!

Use a disposable mascara wand to clean your lashes!

How long will my eyelashes last?


Each lash will wear 5 times (with care), and even up to 8 if you do not apply mascara. If you prefer to add mascara for a bold look, simply clean the lashes after wearing with your favorite eye makeup remover and a disposable mascara wand. Replace the lashes back in the lash tray to keep them protected and in shape.

I love lashes, but I find it hard to put them on!

Practice Makes Perfect!

It does take some patience and a little practice to put lashes on the first coupe of times. The most important step is to ensure the glue is nice and tacky before you attempt to put lashes in place.

Here are our keys steps to perfect lashes every time;

  • Start by squeezing out a small portion of glue on to the top of your hand.
  • Allow the glue to settle while you...
  • Peel the lash gently from tray with tweezers from the longest part of the lash.
  • Measure to your eye and cut the lash from the longest end.
  • The glue should be tacky now, so line the lash rim with glue using a pointed q-tip.
  • Align the middle of the lash to your eyeliner and apply fine pressure.
  • Then once the middle is set, press both corners of lash and match to your natural lash line.
  • Keep eye closed and wait until dry to open.

Do Smashes Lashes come with glue?

Our lashes do not come with glue as a standard.  We recommend DUO Glue as it is the best lash adhesive in the industry.  You can purchase it in our store here.

How long can I wear Smashes Lashes?


We recommend that Smashes Lashes are taken off before bed each night to maintain the quality, look and feel. Peel from the edge by lifting carefully and they should lift easily off your lash line.